Distribute ember app's dist as downloadable

I am looking for a way to distribute a simple static ember application as a downloadable package. Imagine a downloadable distributed via version tags on github. A user would download and open up index.html In their local file system to use the application. I don’t need any backend server connections, just a static application with some simple functionality that is super easy for a potential user to download and run without the need to install anything on their system.

I saw this conversation from about a year ago. The output of dist is really what I want but the problem is that in order to get it to work I need to set the following in config.js

    rootURL: '/path/to/dist/',
    locationType: 'none',

And this path may be different on different machines that download and use the application. A simple config option that the user needs to set would be ok, but The machines that would be downloading the app would not have the permission needed to install node and ember-cli.

Any thoughts on this?

I moved from ember-cli-nwjs to ember-electron since that conversation. Loading an app via the file-system by opening index.html will not work for potential users because they will have to lower there browser security to the extreme to load the JavaScript files.