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I am just starting with Ember and tried the quickstart tutorial. I just can’t get it to work when I deploy the dist folder to my website. I have tried it twice now and it just won’t work. As far as I can tell, the Application.hbs file never has anything in it but

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. and {{outlet}} below that.

If I use the builtin webserver and view the scientist page I see what I should. If I upload the dist folder to my website and try to view index.html I see a blank page.

I don’t mean to be rude but I have had no luck with stackoverflow. The administrators there are arrogant and rude. If no results here I will just have to try another framework. Thanks, Paul

There are multiple things that could go wrong. If you upload your dist folder after running ember build production to a subfolder you should specify it here.

If you upload to an Apache server add this .htaccess file. ember-cli-blog/.htaccess at 6c22ff21e69c383ec3b5f55300e2cfa58d6d8de3 · broerse/ember-cli-blog · GitHub

If this does not work you can go to you dist folder and see if it works by running http-server (after `npm install -g http-server)

This may happen if there are errors as Ember is loading up, is there anything in your browser’s console about errors?

Thanks, broerse, I will try to find and modify the environment.js file Acorncom, There were no errors in the broswer, just a blank page. I did notice when trying to use Ember Developer on the page I got That it was not a Ember page. I think the next thing I will try is just to deploy the default app that you get with a default app you know, before you modify anything. Paul

Another thing worth trying would be to ask on the Ember Slack help channel. This is the type of thing it’s easier to debug in realtime …

If you can provide any details, we may be able to suggest something. Are you actually putting the /dist folder on a server or just the contents - and is it in a subfolder? What hosting are you using? Depending on the host you could be experiencing one or many things because of .htaccess or something that is not Ember specific.

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