Can an ember app run on shared hosting?


Can I just put the whole directory structure for my app that I created with “ember new my-app” on my site? Thanks, Paul


The ember-cli build your app to the dist directory when you run ember build, so that’s the one you want to deploy to your shared hosting.

Here is an explanation of ember-cli commands and directory structure


Hi! thanks for replying. I uploaded the dist directory to my site but all I get is a blank page. :frowning: However, running the ember server as localhost, I get “Welcome to Ember.js”


You will probably need to make a few changes to your Brocfile if the app is not sitting at the root level on the server. If you look at the console when you try to view your app, is it displaying errors?

You’ll possibly want to add the fingerprint.prepend option. And make sure you ember build --environment=production

More info on the fingerprint.prepend:


I placed the dist folder at the root level. Should I have placed the CONTENTS(SUBFOLDERS) at the root level? I accessed it by this URL in my browser I would have like to have pasted the msgs I got from the JS console but the short-sighted admins of this forum elected to put a restriction on the number of links I can put in a post! on well, there loss! thanks, Paul


Alright I guess I got a little short-tempered there, but dang it, I hate to come so close to a solution then get blasted by someone elses “policies”!

I have tried so many of the MVC frameworks, just to get so far and no farther. Something always fails and I am back to square one. I wish the designers put as much thought into the guides as they do in the scripts.

So what about it? I have followed the advise above and the script should work on shared hosting, but it doesn’t. If it won’t, them what good is it to just run n it’s internal server?


It looks like you put the whole /dist folder on your server in the /dist directory. What @imLinder meant is that you copy all files in the dist dir onto your server root.

If I visit your page, developer tools tell me the following:

Navigated to
GET*.js 404 (Not Found)
GET*.css 404 (Not Found)
GET*.js 404 (Not Found)
GET*.css 404 (Not Found)

Afaik the ember generated index.html uses the baseURL to set your asset root (ember-cli doc). You could change it to ‘/dist’ and it should work without moving the files to the root dir.


Hi! Thanks for replying! How can change the base URL to reflect this?


Open your application config (environment.js) and change baseURL to the base url of your assets ( )

I would suggest moving the generated dist directory content to your webserver root directory. This way you don’t have to call ( →


Yes I suppose I could do that. I use my site for experimenting with a lot of different projects though, and usually just make subdirectories for the various projects. Since I don’t have anything of real importance in the root right now I will try that. anything to get it working!


Ok that worked but I would like to know where in the world is a file in dist that has “Welcome to ember”? In other words where do I put my content? Thanks!


dist is generated by ember-cli. You shouldn’t change anything in there.

From you can see your templates are stored in app/templates/. Somewhere inside the templates dir there is a handlebars/htmlbars file that contains Welcome to ember.

I’ll suggest you’ll read the ember-cli documentation and ember guides before jumping into an ember project.


Thank you for supporting. I just started ember today. I think I like it. Coming from Angularjs.