Deploy ember project on server

Hi i have a ember application in locale that use mirage. My problem is how i deploy the application on the server?

I have installed apache2 and clone my appplication on the server. After i make a ember build -prod and copy the dist file in www/html/ folder of apache, is correct this method to work? A ember application and put the file of dist directory in the www/html/ folder?

I use ember deploy:

That would work, but I would definitely look into Ember CLI Deploy as Martin suggested!

It is a framework in the sense that you can build your deployment strategy with plugins.

Since you mention Apache and a server, here is a guide I wrote about deploying with SSH and rsync, which I suppose are tools you have available: How to Deploy an Ember CLI app to Amazon S3 or a Linux box - Ember Igniter

(You can skip the Amazon S3 section)

You will notice that it feels much more solid than manually copying files around :slight_smile:

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@Alessio_Varalta Just include the build file (say app.js, app.css and other vendor files) which you get after running ember prod build, in whichever file you want to render in your project

Thanks very much i use ember cli deploy and apache2 now

Now I have another question…I have two application on the same server so i created in html/ two folder app1 and app2 so the url is

url/app1 url/app2

my new problem is that when i make ember deploy development app1 the application take the asset cs and js from url/asset and not from url/app1/asset so i how can i make this last operation!!!

Perhaps change the baseURL in config/environment.js to '/url/app1/' for

if (environment === 'production') {
    ENV.baseURL = '/url/app1/';

And do the same for app2.

If needed place a .htaccess in embers public folder like this

Thank very much work. I am new in Ember application. Very friendly :slightly_smiling: