Deploy ember on wildfly

I have an ember application it works in port 4200. How to deploy it on wildfly server and run it in port 8080.

When you build your Ember app it smashes up all of the code into the assets you need into /dist. The end result is just a static html page (index.html) with some supporting resources (some javascript files, some css files, etc). This can be served with any web server on any port in basically the same way you would serve any other static assets. The main thing you need to do is either change your ember app “locationType” to hash or (more attractive) make sure the server is configured to not handle requests under <hostname>/path/to/app/index.

If you’re running your own server a simple script for deploying might suffice, but you could also look into ember-cli-deploy which has some nice plugins for all sorts of deployment functionality. You could even host the app itself somewhere separate from the API if you wanted.