Hosting ember project on apache2 server - how to structurize etc?

Hi, I thought I’d give ember a try just to test it out and get some personal experience with it. I did the quick setup yesterday to have my first look. Now I want to see how to get this project up and running on a server.

I have a linode server with apache2 running on it. I’m still new to hosting websites.

Lets say I have a domain The the root of the web is Do I create the ember project in public_html? “ember new project_name” And then set the root of the project for the website as the ember projects app folder?

You can put this .htaccess file in your public folder and upload the complete dist folder to apache after ember build -environment production

Hi, I have the similar problem, I try to deploy tutorial example on Apache according to Deploying - Tutorial - Ember Guides.

For root url ‘http://localhost’ it works fine, but when I have more complicated url like ‘http://localhost/contact’ and then I refresh url I receive 404 error.

I enabled rewrite mod on httpd.conf (LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ and added .htaccess file to root folder on apache 'c:\Apache24\htdocs' but it doesn’t work.

Do you have any idea what should I do to solve this problem?

As a test put the .htaccess file in the "public" folder and deploy. Also set the ENV.rootURL = '/'; in config/environment.js if you deploy in the root.

Thanks for the answer

I have .htaccesss in ‘super-rentals/public/’. After execute command ‘ember build --environment production’ the files from ‘public’ directory are added to ‘dist/’.

Content of dist direcotry I copied to 'c:\Apache24\htdocs'. Also I have ENV.rootURL = ‘/’

var ENV = { modulePrefix: ‘super-rentals’, environment: environment, rootURL: ‘/’, locationType: ‘auto’, EmberENV: { FEATURES: { // Here you can enable experimental features on an ember canary build // e.g. ‘with-controller’: true }, EXTEND_PROTOTYPES: { // Prevent Ember Data from overriding Date.parse. Date: false } },

APP: {
  // Here you can pass flags/options to your application instance
  // when it is created


I gave up with Apache, Now I deploy tutorial example on nginx-1.10.3 and it works fine.

In nginx.conf I added

    location / {
        root   html;
        try_files $uri /index.html;
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Thank you, thank you, thank you and…THANK YOU! 3 days of pain around this. Solved.

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