Can I run ember new with some basic settings that I always use?


So as a basic for instance I always setup compass on my ember-cli projects, it would be nice to have that already as an npm package for it to download and have the style.scss file changed to my apps name.scss so it works.

Is there a way I can somehow edit ember-cli to have that ready to go when I initialize ember new?

I’m new to editing this sort of thing so I’m sure it’s installed somewhere on my system and all I have to do is edit the files like I normally would but I don’t know where to begin to do that.


Ember CLI does not have app templates in it’s current form. Personally I solved this problem by setting up a project according to my preferences and put it up on my github, so I can just clone that to a new name as needed. I have to take the time to update it with new CLI releases or anything like that, but it solves the problem nicely.


That could work, I assume it’s pretty easy to update a basic project with no working parts to the new cli version fairly simply. I may try that, thanks!


Do you have a link to that repo?


Sure, here it is:

It uses coffee script, sass and emblem. I just updated it to the latest CLI version. I’ve been feeling lately like I should drop coffee and start learning ES6, so I’ll probably update accordingly at some point.