Ember-cli scss - how do I get this working?


How do I get scss to work in a cli app?

I have ran the following:

sudo npm install --save-dev broccoli-sass

and have scss files in my styles folder but my-app.css is still empty?


That looks correct.

  • Are there are styles in app/styles/app.scss?
  • Did you stop and restart the ember serve command after installing (you need to)?
  • Are you receiving any errors?


There is nothing in app.scss but there are other files in there with content and the scss extension.

There are no errors


OK so I need to be using app.scss to start the ball rolling -sorted :slight_smile:

It seems discourse is able to say:

@import "common/base/*";

But my version doesn’t seem to like the * character


Only app/styles/app.scss is preprocessed. If you need other resources, you will need to import them.

I do not believe that wildcard imports are part of the SCSS spec/language/whatever (but I could be wrong).

Discourse uses Rails, and Rails adds this “magic” (which is actually kinda not great because filesystem ordering inconsistencies result in completely different CSS output).


Don’t run sudo with npm if you’re not using the -g flag, you’ve messed up the permissions in your node_modules/ folder doing that (some files are owned by root now).

I recommend using https://github.com/creationix/nvm to install node, then you don’t need sudo for it ever again. Before nvm, I kept running into permission trouble and the system installed node getting in the way. But those troubles are long gone.


Great point (can’t believe I missed that in the original post)!