Ember-CLI and Compass


Hello there!

Is anyone using Ember-CLI and Compass? I am just getting into Compass and would like to know of any caveats with using it and Ember-CLI.




So does anyone use any form of SASS with Ember-CLI? If this is a noob/dumb question my apologies! :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally don’t, but compass and SASS are both documented on http://www.ember-cli.com



Ah you are correct! Sorry for not researching it enough. I am quite overwhelmed with all of the new tools and such that I am studying. I am a real back end developer and so all this front end stuff is super new to me.


broccoli-compass works pretty well with ember-cli, but if possible I would use broccoli-sass. It is MUCH faster (as it is using libsass internally).