Sass and less in ember-cli?

I have some sass/scss files that I want to use alongside a less-based UI library (SemanticUI). ember-cli dies when it attempts to run both the ember-cli-sass and ember-cli-less preprocessors against my files. There has been quite a bit of discussion about this on various forums but no clear solution has been provided.

The most promising thread recommended writing a ‘custom Broccoli plugin’ to make it work, but did not provide any details.

Has anyone had luck making this work? Does the custom plugin route seem legit, and if so, can someone provide any guidance there?


I had something in my current project. Perhaps good idea to extract it as an addon now.

Basically, it uses the existing broccoli plugins to compile each type separately, then combine the final app.css files together.

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I’m not that familiar with writing brocooli plugins. Is there any chance you could point me to an example of what you did? I’d be very grateful!