Getting broccoli-ruby-sass to work with ember-cli

Hello again guys, mooror here. Just wondering if anyone has been able to get broccoli-ruby-sass to work with ember-cli. I know it is supported now ( But I have looked all over and cannot find any tutorials on how to actually get it working. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

P.s. If someone could also show me how to import ruby libraries with the “require” parameter that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance, Mooror

Hello, mooror.

About sass: that’s how I dealt with it - ember install ember-cli-sass and nothing else

About require: sorry, didn’t get you, what do you mean by

import ruby libraries

It doesn’t make sense for me - including ruby lib in a css file.

Thanks for the reply od1n. I used the way you suggested before this but I could understand how i could import ruby gems/libraries. N only call them libraries/gems for lack of a better word but I can give you an example. If you look at this page its the website for a grid system called susy. One of the ways to install it is to install the gem with gem install and then include it in the config.rb file. then in any scss file you can import susy and it will just work. This is what I am trying to accomplish. I am open to using broccoli-sass or broccoli-ruby-sass or ember-cli-sass it doesn’t matter to me I just need to get this working.

Thanks agian, Mooror

In fact, I consider gem’ifying of client-side assets as a bad practice. That’s what bower should do. Thus in your case you can install it with bower, import it in Brocfile.js and voila - you have susy in your project.

Using app.import in your brocfile: Asset compilation - Advanced use - Ember CLI Guides

Yes I would tend to agree however susy relies on a technology called breakpoint sass ( and unfortunately it doesn’t have a bower package (or if it does I cannot find it). I would indeed agree with you with the fact that I should use bower for front end dependencies but when this is not possible I would defiantly like a way to import ruby gems into my .scss files. As to what varblolb stated I do know that I can use app.import for .css files however I have never seen it in use for importing ruby gems. If you could show me an example of that I would be very grateful.

To learning and expanding our horizons, Mooror

search bower

ALso there is a bower.json in the git repo.

Yes I actually found it shortly after I posted the last message. But thank you so much both of you for your help and suggestions. I now have susy and breakpoint working. I simply did a bower install breakpoint-sass and then placed @import "bower_components/breakpoint-sass/stylesheets/breakpoint"; in my .scss file. (P.S. I am using broccoli-ruby-sass). Hope that will help anyone who has a similar problem.