SASS N00b need help


Hi, Pretty new to Ember and never used SASS (other than installing bootstrap from the command line) So I got this theme and got it working by having the compiled (supplied) css files in my public folder.

But now I would like to use the supplied sass files instead, which I copied to app/styles directory. (right place?)

Then in my app.scss file I added the 3 that need be included (seems to include fine) @import “bootstrap”; @import “smartadmin-production-plugins”; @import “smartadmin-production”; @import “smartadmin-skins”;

Now in the first one (smartadmin-production-plugins) it import a whole bunch of other’s, for instance the first one @import "smartadmin/plugin-bootstrap-duallistboxstrap-tree"; // new with v1.5

The above one is there (in the \app\styles\smartadmin folder) but named “_plugin-bootstrap-duallistbox.scss” (thought thats the problem, but does not remedy the error I get)

Ember then give the following error that make no sense to a poor n00b like me Error: File to import not found or unreadable: smartadmin/plugin-bootstrap-duallistboxstrap-tree Parent style sheet: C:/new/dealview1/tmp/sass_compiler-input_base_path-Vi57Vq2f.tmp/0/app/styles/smartadmin-production-plugins.scss at options.error (C:\new\dealview1\node_modules\ember-cli-sass\node_modules\broccoli-sass-source-maps\node_modules\node-sass\lib\index.js:271:32)

Perhaps I should read up an tutorial about sass or ember with sass?