Using compass with ember-cli, what is the best way?

Hi there!

I managed to use compass with Ember by using this: (it’s a fork of the original because I needed to add a small fix).

It works, but compass is slow. It adds several ms to the ember-cli compilation process, and sometimes this is a productivity killer. I suspect that’s probably because of the Ruby sass compiler. When I was using ember-cli-sass, which is based on node-sass (binding to libsass), it was much faster.

I do need Compass though, since I have a pretty big library of sass scripts that rely on the compass API.

Ideally I’d use node-sass instead of the Ruby sass compiler, but I’m not sure how to do that now.

I’m pretty sure other people have gone through the same since Compass is a pretty popular and nice library. I was wondering what has been your experience and if you manage to use libsass with compass successfully?