Curated Resource Lists for Upgrading/Migrating

Right now Ember has official versioned guides, API docs, release blog posts and changelogs which help us migrate and keep up-to-date.

There are also amazing resources around the web for Ember, and even a great resource list here:

I think the toughest part about using all the community resources is finding ones relevant to a specific version, or migrating from one version to a newer one. I’d like to set up some actively curated lists on Github for these version-specific things.

Here’s an example of some of the migrations I’ve gone through on migrating one of my apps from October to now:

  • Ember 1.6->1.7->1.8->1.9->1.10
  • Ember Data 1.0.0 beta 6 → beta 15
  • old style of views and controllers → components
  • global app variables → injected services
  • rails asset pipeline: handlebars_assets → ember-rails → ember-cli-rails → ember-cli-deploy
  • auth: server side (rails) to client side (ember-simple-auth, torii)
  • testing: qunit-rails → ember-cli and new qunit syntax

Some of these migrations are easy, and some are only relevant to rails apps, but they’re all steps to get to the the proposed style Ember 2.0 app. I would have loved even an unofficial list based around one of these steps, instead of checking a dozen community channels and reverse engineering the versions of what people are saying.

Here’s a first draft of what one of the pages could look like:

Going from Ember 1.8 → 1.9


  • Official Blog Post
  • Tagged copy on Github, changelog, builds, etc.
  • Other official/core resources on 1.9

Community resources on the overall upgrade

  • Blog posts, audio, video

Community Resources on specific features and deprecations

  • Handlebars 2.0 upgrade
    • using ember-cli
    • without using ember-cli
      • blog posts, SO issues, etc.
  • Activate/Deactivate events
    • blog posts, SO issues, etc.
  • Context switching
    • blog posts, SO issues, etc.

Related resources that also use other ember-specific tech:

  • Ember-data
  • Ember-cli
  • Addons

Related resources that also use other “third-party” tech:

  • Rails
    • ember-rails
    • ember-cli-rails
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Anything other categories people want

I would ideally want other people to help, and since it’d be on Github pages we could use contributors, issues, and PRs to add+update pages.

Would this be useful for anyone, and/or would anyone like to help?

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