Debug from console?


I’m trying to solve an addon install problem. I see lots of debug() calls in the source but am unsure how to activate them. Specifically, when running ember g blueprint-name. Is possible? I don’t see any flags for it. ember g --verbose blueprint-name has no obvious effect.

I am not looking for anything related to Ember Inspector, or Ember.Logger, as neither of those will help in this situation.


For those of you playing along:

DEBUG=* ember install some-addon > install.log 2>&1
DEBUG=* ember build > build.log 2>&1

To zero in on a particular module, rather than using a wildcard, open the module up and look for the require line, eg:

var debug  = require('debug')('ember-cli:blueprint');

In this case, you’d do:

DEBUG=ember-cli:blueprint ember install some-addon > my-blueprint.log 2>&1