At a complete loss with Addons

I want to preface this with I’ve read so many tutorials. I have several issues:

  1. When I create an addon, I don’t understand how you view the test dummy app. I’ve visited localhost:4200 (which all I see is the basic hello world with the ember chipmunk. I’ve also gone to /tests/dummy and all I get are running tests in the browser. I found out you have to remove the welcome addon. I wish this were a part of the guides documentation.
  2. I’ve made a /blueprints/my-addon/index.js and it is not getting called in a consuming application. Even after running ember g my-addon it always says installing my-addon The `ember generate <entity-name>` command requires an entity name to be specified. For more details, use `ember help`.
  1. You run ember s to view the dummy app just like your regular app. Yes, you do need to remove the welcome app, but that is part of the guide that shows up when you are at localhost:4200.
  2. The default blueprint is only called as part of the addon install process. This specifically means that addon is installed via ember install <addon-name>. Any other methods won’t trigger this blueprint (npm install, bower install). Read more about it here

When you create the application.hbs template, the welcome screen will desist on a normal app, but I think for the last addon I was working on, that was not the case for the dummy app.

Your problem is vague from my view. Maybe you can make a simplified version and post a git repo, or get more detailed with the steps you have taken. There are also a bunch of awesome Ember developers on CodeMentor and you could probably save some time by throwing a little cash at it - and get some quality 1 on 1 help.

Good luck!

Ember is a joke. As usual, the documentation is wrong. Backwards compatibility is constantly being broken. Addons blueprints can no longer be run, and there is no way to get the functionality back.

Sorry to hear that things are frustrating. As far as I know addon blueprints are working fine, is there something specifically that you’re having trouble with? Would love to see it get addressed …