Can someone code review a cli addon I'm working on to combine ladda and ember?


Hey I’ve needed to combine ladda and ember for a recent project, and I wanted to wrap up the work and push it up as an addon. This is my first ember addon, so I’m sure I did a lot of things wrong :smile:

The repo is here:

I’m testing with a dummy application, and I’m hitting two issues going from a scratch project to something that works:

  1. The blueprint’s after install hook to add ladda as a bower dependency doesn’t seem to be called, so I need to install ladda in the dummy application manually. The file that’s supposed to do that is here: - any issues with that?

  2. The addon’s templates aren’t being included in the container application. If I copy over the addon template to the expected place in the dummy application everything looks right, but I can’t seem to get it automatically used. I tried sticking the template in the addon directory ( and in the app directory (not checked in)

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be welcome! Thanks for looking!