Demo EmberJS application ideas


This discussion will collect ideas of sample application ideas which you want to see built using EmberJS framework

My suggestions:

  • Address Book
  • Blog
  • Photo Gallery
  • Calculator
  • Chat Client

Based on @alco suggestion in “Ideas for Improving the Getting Started Experience”.


We’ve also kicked around the idea of a music player or just piggybacking on whatever @addyosmani dreams up for the next TodoMVC-like project as part of TasteJS


We’ve already seen a music player in the talk Ember in Action by Justin Giancola ( Did you mean anything specific?


I think the idea was larger. MUCH larger. There’s work on a small app for the getting started guide, ideas like an Address Book or Photo Gallery are solidly mid-sized, and Ember can make tackling very large projects manageable as well. Something Rdio-scale would a pretty stunning example.

But that’s probably after we tackle a few smaller examples to get people leveled up a bit more.


i think what we need is a medium to large app with lots of models with different relationships all working together. Something like a shopping cart or cms


My own project has been a taxonomy (category-tree) implementation which I got to the point of being ‘read only’, but was having trouble completing (and making editable) due to a few ongoing issues and discussions in the issue tracker (mostly to do with ember-data and the control helper).

I’ve had to backtrack on this - and revert to the backbone based predecessor for the time being as I’ve ‘hit the wall’ and client deadlines are slipping, but I’d be happy to provide a stripped down version of the application in order to promote discussion about the outstanding issues preventing this application form being completed.

I think this functionality would be good to nail as it’s something I’ve seen a few people mention on SO and would be a fairly core component of a CMS system etc.

TL;DR - Applications that encapsulate a common use case are not only useful for helping beginners, but also for guiding development and resolving issues. Fixing bugs which have a visible effect on real mini-project would be an incentive for people to provide PR’s etc rather than just raising issues.


I had this idea a long time ago probably before we even got to pre-1.0 stage. I haven’t had a chance to actually implement it, but speaking of music players, this might be fun to do in a couple hours if anyone wants to hack it together:


I made a game using emberJS. With some code review, that can be one of the starters for new EmberJS developers.


Hey all, I was a committer to SproutCore and would like to just provide of input on what I found was useful for our demos / code snippets.

While I was on the core team, I worked on a demo application ( that covered some advanced features that are common to most applications. These were:

  • animations
  • data manipulation / remote data
  • custom UI
  • doing things in bulk

The idea was to create a compelling, small / medium-ish application that is actually useful. For me, I thought it was most important to think about how to use the technology in terms of real world applications so people can look at UX / UI patterns used in the app and manipulate them to use in their own application.

I think Ember would benefit from a more traditional data application that included the following components:

  • a custom DS.Adapter / DS.Serializer
  • animations
  • custom Em.View(s)
  • persistence

I think these components should naturally bubble up with a good non-trivial application. The other notes that I think should be made is that it would really be great to have some designer time on these demos to make them look really great. Nothing shows off an awesome technology as great UX / UI.

In addition, small demos showing off snippets of advanced features might be useful in a showcase format (a lá and


Good point. Probably another good idea is demonstrate integration of D3.js graphs.


I made Mashboard back in January. It’s an app for viewing the schedule for a conference I was attending.

Here are some feature highlights:

The app is also hosted on GitHub pages for all to try. AppCache is employed to make the app work offline as well.


App for showcasing our side project ember apps, perhaps with voting / user submitted ratings.

App for submitting addon ideas / wishlist, with ability to count +1s.

Web Canvas / Infinite graffiti wall / collaborative whiteboard with real time updates.

Dashboard to display trending JavaScript frameworks