Should I choose EmberJS for my project?


Hi guys, I am having a dilemma if I should choose EmberJS for my future webApp or I shouldn’t. To be honest I am not a web developer so I am completely lost right now. I do mobile apps and I have got experience with GWT as well. I have looked at several different frameworks (SproutCore, Angular etc…) ,but EmberJS looks to me as the best one.

- I would like to do the webApp using JS & HTML templates
- The app is going to be quite big and complex to be more specific the app is going to have login, side bar, lists and a lot of sub pages / windows (Example: Basically imagine something like iCloud.
- The app will synchronize all data with the server using WebSockets
- All data will be stored in WebSQL
- The app will be available in different languages ,so support of internationalization is required as well.

Is EmberJS the right choice? If not what I should choose? I am looking for some simple and fast solution. Thank you


“I am looking for some simple and fast solution”

If you were mutewinter (, I imagine you’d be able to whip up your app in no time. It would be simple and fast for you. However, it sounds like you’re new to the Ember scene (welcome friend, plz2enjoy your stay!), and so I wouldn’t expect it to be all unicorns and roses in the beginning.

I recommend becoming a web developer. It may sound intimidating, but you totally got this!

Start by checking out Warming Up With Ember and joining #emberjs on freenode (private message me for irccloud invite). alexspeller, locks, and a few hundred others are great at answering questions there. Once you complete the codeschool course, ask #emberjs for the next learning resource.


Thanks a lot. By

“I am looking for some simple and fast solution”

I thought that I don’t want to any massive framework that requires many things to do to get somewhere.

Please can you recommend me some source for Advanced Ember tutorials or something similar? Thank you


You could check out “Ember.js In Action”

You can also check for a myriad of screencasts, talks, tutorials, etc. I would specifically recommend watching the Ember Conf 2014 presentations, which you can find at

Most of the resources are still beginner to intermediate focused since Ember.js is still rather young, at least in terms of mass adoption. Like @landonwilkins said, I’m usually around the IRC channel as are some others, you’re welcome to drop by!

That sounds perfect for Ember, it excels at complex view hierarchies. I would suggest you model your application states and transitions through the URLs and then the rest of the Ember application will fall into place easier.

Many people are using WebSockets effectively with Ember, such as @tomdale in [][1] (if I’m not mistaken).

I’m not familiar with WebSQL, but you will probably have to write a custom adapter for this. Thankfully a lot of work has been put into adapters and it’s getting easier and easier to make a custom one.

I have been using @jamesarosen’s library in my project and so far it’s working without issues.

Welcome to the Ember.js community :smiley: [1]:

P.S. Here’s a presentation on Ember Data + Web Sockets:


You can do all that stuff with Ember, and quite quickly since, your app looks like it has pretty generic requirements…but you’re gonna have to put the time to ramp up, which if you’re new to web development, is gonna be a steep climb uphill.

Also, you’re probably not gonna like Ember if you’re not into frameworks, but since you’re new, I’d say don’t get caught up in that stuff, because the anti-framework talk it’s just nonsense.