Emberjs.com using ember.js framework or not?


Hello everyone, I’m new to ember.js and friend of mine advice me to look for ember as our future front end app for our website. I want to ask, is emberjs.com implemented ember.js or it’s not? I’m asking because, there is still html links, and back button works as well. So is it employ ember.js on its own web site or not? And how well ember handles old browsers support? Thank you in advance


Emberjs.com, as far as I’m aware, is not built with ember.js. This discussion forum, however, is one of the biggest ember.js projects out there to date.

Ember.js uses the HashChange event to deal with URLs by default, which according to CanIUse, is supported back to IE8 and other more current browsers. See: http://caniuse.com/hashchange.

Hopefully this answers your questions. Good luck!


We don’t use Ember on the website because in general it isn’t really necessary for static pages. That said, we think it’s great for highly interactive websites. As for browser support, we intend to support all modern browsers and a few not so modern ones (older versions of IE). However, since we’re still in RC, it’s possible there are some bugs in older browsers that we’ve yet to address.