Use IE6, IE7 with Ember.js?

Howdy! I’m doing an informal survey of the Ember.js community, trying to understand how many of our users actively support IE6 and IE7.

If support for legacy IE browsers (pre-IE8) is relevant to you, please drop me a note at I’ll have just a handful of questions, and your feedback will help us understand how relevant Ember’s continued support for these platforms is.

Please reach out and say hello, your voice is important!

supporting old browsers (even IE 9) doesn´t help to get rid of them.

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Howdy @tellsapfel. I’m not sure what relevance that has. Ember made a statement when 1.0 launched that we would support IE6 and IE7, and according to semantic versioning we should stick to that. I’m just trying to ascertain how much usage there is of these browsers in the wild with Ember, and trying to be sure we aren’t putting in effort supporting something that isn’t used.

I didn´t know that. From my view, the problem is, that as long as it is possible developers will use it to make their customers happy. That´s not bad, but doesn´t help to make companies adopt new technologies. On the long run this seems to be a bad decision to support a 13 year old browser. But thats a different topic.

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Started an Ember project a few weeks ago that will be used by large government agencies. We don’t support IE6 but about 20% of our current page views come from IE7. So IE7 support is a must have for us.

I work in the auto industry, possibly the most deprecated tech sphere in the U.S. We’ve still been able to get away with only supporting back to IE8, and we’re heavily leaning towards dropping IE8 soon as well. In the private sector I can’t imagine there are many (US) sectors needing IE6/7 anymore that are also looking to build with techs such as Ember.

Thanks for the context @edpot and @jthoburn. Feel free to drop me an email with any other thoughts.

I’ve worked on software for Medical industry which needed to support IE7 (that was at 2013) and now I’m working on a plugin for software of Travel Agents using IE7 again (2015!) - but luckily the Travel Agents software plan on upgrading to Webkit in sometime this year.

我们也是需要支持IE7 。而且短期内不会放弃对IE7的支持。现在市面上的mvc框架。大都不对老旧的浏览器支持了。希望ember能坚持。


our product need to support IE7, And the frameworks of MVC are mostly drop support IE7, i hope ember will support ie7.

@qushuangru I was able to use the latest Ember on IE7 with a small snippet running BEFORE loading the ember.js code (see snippet below). However I haven’t used the full range of Ember capabilities, so I don’t know if indeed everything works. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

// IE7 fix: copied Object.create from ember-v1.6.1,  modified slightly to avoid Ember 1.10 taking over with an IE8 only Object.create

 * Identical to `Object.create()`. Implements if not available natively.
 * @method create
 * @for Ember

var create = Object.create;

// IE8 has Object.create but it couldn't treat property descriptors.
if (create) {
	if (create({
		a : 1
	}, {
		a : {
			value : 2
	}).a !== 2) {
		create = null;

// STUB_OBJECT_CREATE allows us to override other libraries that stub
// Object.create different than we would prefer
if (!create) {
	var K = function() {

	create = function(obj, props) {
		K.prototype = obj;
		var isnull = obj == null; // IE7 FIX
		obj = new K();
		if (props) {
			K.prototype = obj;
			for ( var prop in props) {
				K.prototype[prop] = props[prop].value;
			obj = new K();
		K.prototype = null;
		if (isnull) { // IE7 FIX - to override ember es5-shim handling
			obj.hasOwnProperty = undefined;
		return obj;

	create.isSimulated = true;
	Object.create = create;