Emberjs compat with IE8


Hey guys, I am deciding whether or not to use emberjs for an enterprise app project. One key requirement is to support IE8. However, for the examples I can find easily online, they all do not support IE8.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Does it work?

I have used Backbone.js for another project and it works fine.


It supports IE8 32 bit, 64 bit can be problematic sometimes with stack overflows. We have to support IE8 also, depending on how large of an app you are making it can run rather slow when you bind up a ton of fields, Chrome it flies like an eagle though. Fortunately we support both, so we get to always just say, use Chrome.


Thanks! Can you elaborate on the IE8 64bit part?


I believe it’s related to the json parse in IE8, supposedly it was fixed, but the problem still can rear its ugly face. I’m not sure why it only happens in IE 64 bit, but it does. Essentially it kills our entire app, we’ve got a bajillion bound fields with a ton of property dependencies all over the place, and we’re not exactly sure where the error occurs, but once we found out we didn’t have to support 64 bit we stopped looking into it.