Ember 2.0 IE8 Support via Fastboot?

Hi everyone, I’m a front end dev that is a Ember noob and i’v got a couple of questions. Im looking to develop a web app with Ember 2.0 but it must support IE8 which Ember dropped support for. Iv been watching and reading presentations on Fastboot and it got me thinking, why can’t I just use fastboot to deliver IE8 pure html pages? Im thinking I would wrap the ember.js script in an IE conditional statement. If the browser is greater than IE8 it will make an ajax call to the api and update the DOM using json after the initial load, if it is IE8 there will be no ember.js so it will request HTML from the server again.

Fastboot → HTML → /posts/ → Fastboot → HTML

Fastboot → HTML → /posts/ → json → Ember update DOM

Is something like this feasible?

Theoretically it might be, but if you do non-page switching actions like modals you might have major problems. Might be better to stick with 1.13 if IE 8 is a requirement

Yeah i’ve already found out I’ll need to write some fallback JS to handle things like form submissions and modals which is an option since that code would be IE8 only. My fear of using an older release of Ember is that i’ll lose the advantage of ember updates for things such as security.