Getting Ember 1.0 pre-2 to run in IE8?

We have built our website using Ember v1.0.0-pre.2-79-g652795e and we don’t have the bandwidth right now to update to RC3. Our app runs fine in all major browsers except for IE8, where ember already crashes on startup. I tried to fix some of the issues in the ember code directly, but didn’t get it to work all the way.

My questions is if anybody knows if there is an easy fix to get this ember version to run in IE8 or if it’s too complex and we would need to wait until we can do the update?

We are definitely planning to do the update, but currently our priority is to get it to work in all major browsers.

Thanks for you help!


I don’t have any practical experience getting that old version of Ember to work in IE8, but it might help if you told us what errors you were seeing. Also, are you using hash for routing instead of history?

Thanks for your reply! It did actually break in multiple locations but I am now able to get our app to load. It was the IE Quirks mode setting. Still a few things break in the ember code itself, but I should be able to fix them.

Thanks for your help!