Should I use Ember.js for a small application / widget?

Hi all,

I’m investigating if we should use Ember.js for our feedback widget. At the moment we use Ember for our dashboard but our widget is written in jQuery and Jinja 2 (templating for Python). The widget is becoming more complex, more error prone and the code less structured. This way it’s not very sustainable.

These are the requirements:

  • Code must be modular and easy extensible
  • Code must be testable (using a test suite)
  • Performance is very important (mobile support, animations)
  • We prefer conventional code

The widget will be a bit like typeform. See examples here:

Ember.js will be the most ideal practical we already use this for our dashboard and have the knowledge. We could use it without Ember Data in the widget to keep the filesize smaller but there are still a lot of functionalities we wouldn’t use.

Is Ember the right choice or are there other Frameworks or Libraries which suit better in this case?