Does it make sense to use Ember with Kendo or ExtJS?

It seems like all tutorials and examples with Ember are focused on creating some new UI, What if i want to use existing UIs/controls, does it make sense to go with Ember?

For example there is a Kendo grid Demo of core features in jQuery Grid widget | Kendo UI for jQuery It seems like there is no way to bind Ember Model to that grid. Probably it is just a wrong way to go? Maybe if i use Kendo/ExtJS there is no need in Ember?


Well, I have a personal opinion on this topic, but that’s by no means the consensus.


Nice talk, @trek. I wish you had more time there.

I think that using jQuery UI, kendo or whatever is a hack for the time being, but we shouldn’t rely on them in the long term. It adds a level of complexibility when you try to reuse that code or make changes to adapt for your scenario.

For simple widget that shouldn’t be too noticeable. But for tables, for example, kendo and extjs probably have their on controller/view combo. And you would have to create a ember controller/view middleground to deal with that. You’ll end up with 2 controllers and probably more than just 2 views for the same widget. Imagine what a nightmare that would be to maintain and/or find bugs.

On the other hand, I guess ember developers are doing pretty fine reusing existing widgets. Otherwise we would be seeing a lot more widgets in ember than there are now.

PS: Does the DismissView exist somewhere? or was it just an example? I would really like to see a demo showing the whole thing: template/router/controller :}

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I can imagine someone embedding Ext UI components like ComboBox inside of Ember apps. You could even make it a view, so you can abstract away the binding boilerplate code…

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I am new to this type of application. I googled and saw that hogan.js was lighter and doT.js was faster.Then I also googled for geting a way to replace those and then have come here.

Is it possible to integrate hogan.js or doT.js in place of handlebars.js and DHTMLX.js,ExtJs.js,YUI.js in place of jquery?

My idea is jquery and handlebars.js will remain as default but can be extensible for other toolkit like .net framework.



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The video seems to be gone?