Best suite of UI controls or widgets to use with Ember?


All the UI libraries that we have found with ember support seems to be full of deprecated code. Even Ember.Select is deprecated (for example). Traditionally in the jQuery type world we have used Kendo UI but it does not seem to be a good fit for Ember. We’ve also used some Bootstrap in the past but the data binding aspect does not seem to be that easy or obvious to us being new to Ember. We’ve also tried Semantic-UI but some of those Ember components don’t work either.

So what does the community suggest as UI widgets for developing LOB type applications in Ember? We are happy to purchase a UI component suite if it will work. Essentially we are looking for a nice UI widget library (without deprecated code) that is maintained and easy to get up to speed with as new Ember developers.

I’m asking this question as the solution is really not obvious.

Thanks in advance


Here is a replacement for

Emberaddons has a bunch of…well…addons to use. I’ve never seen a kendo type of widget package for ember but that does not mean it doesn’t exist.


Emberaddons is just a large collection of separate add-ins, including UI controls. What we ideally need a ONE ui widget library that covers all standard controls. A bit like Kendo, SyncFusion, Wijmo, Infragistics, etc do. The problem with all those vendors is that they really only target Angular… I guess it is a numbers game.

I know that Aurelia has a UI library under development at the moment too.

#4 perhaps?


We use Semantic UI & simply make an Ember component as we need each new UI element. They’re easy to make & we maintain them ourselves.