Best library for UI implementation

Hi all,

We works on a application for support agents like a contact center app. At start of our work we had written 2 little prototypes … one with bootstrap 4 and one with ember paper. Now we agreed us to us ember paper but meanwhile I am not sure whether this was the best choice because unfortunately ember paper do not implement all components and also CSS definitions.

My question: Is ember paper good enough for big apps or it’s better to use other ember plugins etc? What are your experience with Ui libraries for ember?

It is still possible for us to start new with our UI but I have no good alternatives found… :frowning:

Best regards, Mario

Well. UI Libraries like Foundation and Bootstrap, are (at least in my case) kind of like starter kits to get you started quickly. They’re great for prototyping. But in the end, you still have to add on your own styles and components.

I personally in the middle of working a new app using Semantic UI. they have a very large visual and interactive components library. The cons: really confusing class naming system.

They also have an Ember version. Go check it out. Most of the plugins and interactive components have already been ported into Ember.

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