UI components for Ember js


Hi, i’m interesting in topic. Example when using extjs, framework provide visual implementation for most often used elements too(like buttons, grids, calendars… etc ) and it is cross-browser salutation.

What do you recommend for ember case?


Really no one have some experience? You all build application with emberjs, what is your workflow for this?


There is no built-in visual components in Ember. There are a handful of built-in views but they do not specify any styling or markup. There are libraries to integrate ember with Twitter Boostrap and jquery-ui.

Hope that helps.


Thx for pointing on ember-bootstrap, in this context absolutely mast have - http://www.layoutit.com/build (or commercial jet bootstrap)

Can you compare extjs and ember(pros cons)? - my opinion very useful for business when you can create full featured application absolutely without web designer && page markup-specialist in staff


I can’t do a fair comparison sInce I don’t know extjs at all.

That said, I prefer Ember’s approach, namely that it does not try to cover how visual elements look. It leaves that choice to the developer. I’ve been working on an Ember.js project where we don’t have a web designer. We use Bootstrap and it works fine.


Wow! Layoutit is cool. I’m adding it to my bookmarks.


Take a look at http://indexiatech.github.io/ember-components :slight_smile: