Controls libraries list that work well with Ember.js


I haven’t seen any lists on here that show controls libraries that may work well with Ember so I wanted to start one or at least put out a feeler on whether there just aren’t any.


Chosen.js / Ember integration

I found this link but it requires modifying the chosen source (not a big fan of that approach)


Typeahead.js / Ember

I found this repo but haven’t tried it out yet - any reviews?

So what else is there for controls? We often roll our own custom controls with Knockout.js / Angular.js so surely this isn’t an isolated issue.


There’s the excellent addepar stuff:

More and more I reckon this stuff should somehow be referenced in “third party additions” in the ember website. I’ll create an issue for it.


Great will be fabulous to see it like third party add ons on and developers have more tools or choices to build, without searching a lot. We were thinking to build tables like that so now we saved time. Thanks a lot.


I created an issue and I’ve submitted a pull request too…


Did you know there’s a website for this called ? I just found that out today.


Sounds like an opportunity to improve their SEO. It shouldn’t be that hard to find.


Erm… the website wasn’t hard to find… but you have to be looking for it to find it, right? :smile: This is why I think it’s fairly important to have some kind of “discovery” thing on the website, a la this: