DEPRECATION: Versions of modifier manager capabilities prior to 3.22 have been deprecated. You must update to the 3.22 capabilities

I got this warning on my Ember App :

DEPRECATION: Versions of modifier manager capabilities prior to 3.22 have been deprecated. You must update to the 3.22 capabilities. [deprecation id: manager-capabilities.modifiers-3-13] See Ember.js - Deprecations for more details.

I visited the link recommended for updating, I didn’t really understand how to make this update, any help please .

If you’re not implementing a custom modifier manager (and you would know if you were!) you should check the stack trace for the deprecation and see which addon it’s coming from. Most likely, this means you need to update some other library you’re using, rather than something in your app.

  • If you’re using ember-modifier yourself, update to the latest version, which solves this.
  • Otherwise, see if you can figure out which addon is providing a modifier definition to you. Most modifiers have been implemented using ember-modifier, so you should run npm why ember-modifier or yarn why ember-modifier and see where you’re getting it from. Then see if there’s a version of that addon which has updated to the latest ember-modifier, and/or open an issue on that addon’s repository to solve it.
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here’s the stack strace informations :

DEPRECATION WARNING: Using / for division is deprecated and will be removed in Dart Sass 2.0.0.

Recommendation: math.div($spacer, 2)

More info and automated migrator: Sass: Breaking Change: Slash as Division

718 │ $navbar-padding-y: $spacer / 2 !default; │ ^^^^^^^^^^^ ╵ C:\Users\Game\AppData\Local\Temp\broccoli-14392d9ZxRWeGwo0m\out-393-broccoli_merge_trees_full_application\ember-bootstrap_variables.scss 718:37 @import C:\Users\Game\AppData\Local\Temp\broccoli-14392d9ZxRWeGwo0m\out-393-broccoli_merge_trees_full_application\ember-bootstrap\bootstrap.scss 9:9 @import C:\Users\Game\AppData\Local\Temp\broccoli-14392d9ZxRWeGwo0m\out-393-broccoli_merge_trees_full_application\app\styles\app.scss 1:9 root stylesheet

WARNING: 64 repetitive deprecation warnings omitted.

NOTE : I have the latest ember-bootstrap@4.9.0 version

That doesn’t look like the same stack trace. This one is about SASS features and is coming from bootstrap itself (not ember-bootstrap).

If you’re still getting the warning about modifier manager capabilities… did you try runningthrough the two steps that Chris suggested above?

Yes, you’re right, the first I got it from Browser Console, the second from VSCode Trace after starting the Ember server. I executed

npm-why ember-modifier

PS C:\MyProjectr> npm-why ember-modifier

Who required ember-modifier:

MyProject > ember-modifier@3.0.0

I’m using the latest ember-modifier@3.0.0 version

Does your project have any custom modifiers that aren’t based on ember-modifier? For example in one of our addons we have a modifier (created via modifier manager, not ember-modifier) with this at the top:

export default setModifierManager(
  () => ({
    capabilities: capabilities('3.13'),

so we’ll need to update that to 3.22

We also have multiple versions of ember-modifier in the build so when I run yarn why ember-modifier I get 3.0.0 as a first level dependency but I also get 2.1.1:

=> Found "ember-modifier@2.1.1"
info Has been hoisted to "ember-modifier"
info Reasons this module exists
   - Hoisted from "ember-sortable#ember-modifier"
   - Hoisted from "ember-on-resize-modifier#ember-modifier"
   - Hoisted from "ember-basic-dropdown#ember-style-modifier#ember-modifier"