Design Suggestion for integrating Ember App inside java web app


Hi Geeks,

We are going to revamp our web App that was developed in java. Actually we are using struts+jsp, planned to rewrite our App as Rest Server + Ember Client.

But we are not going to rewrite it entirely from scratch as single page App, initially. So, we thought to rewrite it by taking the part of the App at one time.

Lets assume i am rewriting 1 jsp page, so i consider this page as one Ember App. In this case, if our App have 100 jsp, i need to write 100 tiny Ember App.

Is there any other way to do this better?


We are doing similar:


Yes, i understood how to build ember app in ember-cli and link it. But my question is not answered :slight_smile:


I don’t think your question is very clear then - maybe expand on the specific problems you are facing… What have you tried?


I am not facing any problem, just i am asking idea how to do better, I edited my question.


We are rewriting from scratch. Used to be a php front end with a .net backend. Now going to be an ember spa.


I guess you are rewriting your whole App in Ember. Am i right? In my case, we are not rewrite entire application, we pick part of application and write it in Ember, then next part, at last our entire app will be in Ember. So i couldn’t have single Ember Application initially, i will have Ember Application for each part i am taking. In this way, i will have multiple Ember App at last. I will get integration overhead if i decides to wire up all of them.

In simple, inject Ember Application inside existing page.