Detect and handle view rendering errors (without using router error action)



I’m currently having issue to design error handling in a good way :

I have an ember app, with a “main container view” with content that changes dynamically with an action in a controller. Everything is done without any route change.

My problem is that sometimes, developers that implement the content of this “container view” (not always myself working on these tasks) write code that leads to rendering errors, and if this happens, it completely breaks the Ember App.

What I would like to do is to catch errors on rendering pipeline, and I don’t know how to succeed doing it…

I succeed to execute code when child views are actually rendered, which is actually NOT executed when an error occurs in the rendering process (sadly, exactly the opposite of what I want… :expressionless: ), writing the following code:

 onChildViewsChanged : function( obj, key ){
        var length = this.get('childViews.length');
        if(length > 0) {
  'afterRender', this, 'childViewsDidRender');

Does anyone have at least an idea on how and where I could continue my researches? I’m actually lacking inspiration on how I could manage doing that :confused: