Is there any way to show errors that happen in components?

With ember 2.0 emphasizing component it seems like there should be a way to see errors that happen in components rather than just trying to troubleshot by assuming they are okay when they render. A flag for this would be nice, if this doesn’t exist already.

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any thoughts on this?

I don’t understand the question. A hook for when an error occurs during a render cycle? As in the component fails to mount or something?

Basically. I.e. you forget an import and call something which isn’t present in the component’s scope and it just doesn’t render. Instead an actual error being shown would be very helpful.

A simple unit test to ensure the component renders would avoid that.

I don’t really follow. The problem is that a proper error isn’t displayed. It’s basically swallowing errors and all you know is that a component didn’t render for some reason.