Developing with Ember App Kit along side our Node server


My app is currently split into two projects, the server and the client. The client is a standalone Ember App Kit instance, and my server is an Express.js app. The client eventually gets built and placed into my server’s assets directory, with the index.html being placed in the views directory. Am I right in saying that the EAK’s proxy function allows me to develop my client as if I’m being served by server (ie no cross origin resource sharing problems)? Currently I start my server on localhost:3333, and my client runs on localhost:8000 with it’s requests being proxied to the node server. Magically I can make $.post requests and get data back as if I’m being served by the server.

Now when I want to deploy, I would just build my client and place it into my server’s asset folders and be done with it. Is this how it’s supposed to be done? @stefan I know you said you develop using a proxy to your server, is this your workflow?

Thank you in advance!! -Ryan


It depends of what your production server architecture looks like. Are you using an HTTP proxy like Nginx or Apache ? Or you using CDN like AWS S3 ? If you put your node server in front (basically app.listen(80)) you may want to reconsider your choice and put an http proxy (like nginx) in front of node. It will relieve your node application.


It works exactly as you describe out of the box with ember app kit…

Configuring what is proxied is done in the package.json as described on the EAK documentation site.