didUpdateAttrs not called on array modifications

In the guide, it is said the didUpdateAttrs will be called when there is a change in the attributes used by the template.

But the hook is not called while an object is added or removed from an array.

Here is a twiddle stating it.

Correct me if I got anything wrong.

Nope. Expected behavior.

I brought this up on Slack not long ago, and as Gaurav0 mentions, it’s expected behavior. Here is my Twiddle about the issue but with Objects. Solution is to call .notifyPropertyChange()


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Is that mean you called notifyPropertyChange() in Component class or other way ? then how didUpdateAttrs() works ?

The other way around. Calling it outside the Component will then trigger the hook.

You can make use of [arrayContentDidChange] (http://emberjs.com/api/classes/Ember.MutableArray.html#method_arrayContentDidChange) to keep track of the added and removed objects/primitive