Disable ember-cli hinting

Each time I have to reload the page, the JSHinter checks all my code and tests.

This is great, but it terribly slowing down my reloads. See:

Build successful - 20656ms.

Slowest Trees | Total
-------------------------------±--------------- ES3SafeFilter | 3540ms
TreeMerger | 2825ms
JSHint - App | 2730ms
JSHint - Tests | 2541ms

I was wondering how can I disable the JSHint run in the ember cli? I already have JShint configured to highlight things in Sublime Text, I don’t need it in the cli as well (well, I can’t affort to wait 20 seconds for each reload…).

Hi! Which version of Ember CLI are you using? Since 0.1.0 (or so) it got waaaay faster. On my old iMac it went from ~30 secs to ~2secs.

You should make sure to be on the newest: Releases · ember-cli/ember-cli · GitHub. But not sure how to disable jshint, sorry.


I’m on 0.1.2. It’s not necessary Ember’s fault, my Samsung Series 5 with AMD A6 is crawling on Ubuntu…

// in your Brocfilejs pass an object with `hinting: false` into EmberApp
var app = new EmberApp({
  hinting: false

@jasonmit thank you! That seems to work better. I am not at 11second reload time, which is a huge improvement.

Are these options for all environments? Is there any way I can disable some options just for development and testing?