Ember CLI super slow console in Chrome?

I recently migrated my app to ember-cli. Now it takes about a full second for log records to show up in Chrome’s inspector tools. Nothing changed in Firefox, the logs show immediately. Is there something happening in ember-cli that would do this? It’s more of an annoyance than a bug, but it definitely slows my dev speed down when debugging over time. Thoughts?

Definitely happens to me. I think part of the issue is if vendor.js source is showing. Dismiss that and you might see improvement.

If you can consistently reproduce I would recommend commenting here


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Not sure what you mean by “vendor.js source is showing”? That I have that file open? I’m not sure what “dismissing” that means. Sorry for the dumb Qs.

Occasionally the vendor.js tab can show up depending on where an error occurs.

Not sure if this is the exact cause of your issue, but it was suggested to me that this can a performance issue sometimes.

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I noticed a significant slow down when using the RESTAdapter with Google Chrome, where an idle pause of several seconds (pending promise) would occur with nothing happening before the GET request was actually sent over the network. In Firefox this does not happen and the requests are fired off immediately.

Could this be the same problem?

Oooh, I see. Nice! Yes, closing all my tabs in the “Source” window does seem to mostly remedy the issue. Thanks, @eccegordo!

Could be. Did you try closing the tabs in the Source panel to see if there was any impact?