Emebr development slowing down page

I am new to programming, and particularly to Ember. I am starting to develop small applications without a backend, working with hardcoded data. I’m experiencing page slowdowns, particularly when trying to use Ember Inspector, which is how I identified the problem. When I use the site without opening the developer tools, there are no performance issues, even though the browser shows high resource consumption spikes during navigation. However, when I try to inspect components, for example, the site freezes and, since I use Firefox, a popup warns that the page is slowing down Firefox. I would like to understand the origin of this problem, because it involves small objects and not a large amount of data, and I’m not sure where it could be coming from. Additionally, I’ve encountered this issue on the two, and only, projects I have done. Could it be a problem with how I am building the app? I am not certain, but it seems to have occurred almost simultaneously in both projects. I have tried using other browsers, but the problem remains the same. Thanks in advance

I don’t know what is happening in your app but I can say in my apps I do not experience this. I have high doubts it is Ember itself. I would look at your code and identify where you have loops and see which ones are generating lots of small objects.

Are all your routes doing this? What happens during testing? Does garbage collection happen during tests and the memory consumption drops? Does it happen with a specific acceptance test?

There’s been inspector reports like this a few times before. If you’re on the latest inspector version it might be worth opening a ticket with info on contributing circumstances, browser and OS