Ember Performance


We’ve been investigating some performance issues on pages using a 3rd party addon (ember-light-table), using the “Performance” tools in Chrome Dev Tools.

What we noticed is that the JS Heap, Nodes, and Listeners keep climbing and never comes down as one move between pages. I thought this might be a problem with the component, but since my Ember experience is still a bit limited, I went and easier route and created a few routes that simply get the data and then render in the view a normal table with the data (goes without saying, very fast)

However, I noticed the heap/nodes/listeners still climb and never come down, albeit not as many of each as with the component (probably because it create a lot of dom elements by itself)

Is this supposed to be like this in Ember? Aren’t nodes, etc suppose to be released when not being used anymore?


Are you continuously loading new models via ember-data? All that stuff get’s cached on the client side so your memory usage will continue to go up.

However, nodes/listeners should climb/fall as you navigate around your app and render different stuff.

The most common thing I have run into is some random jquery plugin or ember addon is not properly destroyed when a component is removed from the dom.


I just noticed your reply @nerdyworm, sorry.

This was all my mistake. I rendered a component in one of my column definititions which in turn initialized a jquery plugin. Meaning if 10 columns, 100 rows, 10000 times the jquery plugin got initialized. Totally my stupidity