Memory leak issues after Ember Upgrade to 3.24.0

We are facing an issue on JS heap size grows substantially over time, indicating a memory leak after ember upgrade to 3.24.0, DOM nodes also increase seemingly without bound.

Over time, our test cases are failing due to shortage of node memory and few apps are working after setting the node --max-old-space-size=8192 whereas few apps are not working after increasing node space


  • Ember 3.24.0 (upgraded version )
  • Node.js/npm: node 12.22.1, npm 6.14.12
  • Browser: Chrome

We are seeking the help to find the right direction to fix the issue

Note: Due to security issues, we cant share any more info/part of our code here.


My team ran into this a little while back. It turned out to be some bad code in the application route (so obviously it was getting leaked every acceptance test). It was somewhat difficult to track down, mostly because I wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly. You’ll probably want to use Chrome to debug and take heap snapshots and look through what’s retaining memory from the Ember app. In our case it was nested pretty deep in the snapshot tree and I wasn’t super sure what I needed to be watching for anyway so it took a lot of digging around and experimentation before I finally caught on.

I used the following for resources:

IIRC I found that Chrome had changed somewhat since those were published so it wasn’t quite as straightforward and shown in the video but the process was more or less the same and they helped me understand what I was doing a little better.

There’s an addon for automating this now, and I haven’t used it but it could be worth a shot: GitHub - steveszc/ember-cli-memory-leak-detector: Automatic memory leak detection for ember apps</