Ember.js memory bloat after version upgrade

Pardon my rant but…

When upgrading from Ember 1.7 to 1.10 we noticed our acceptance tests memory usage doubled from 300MB to 500MB for around 600 tests. Even after patching any memory leaks we could find the difference is still there. We’re quite concerned about the bloat and are worried about ramifications for upgrading to 1.12 and beyond. With all the razzle-dazzle about DOM rendering performance we can’t help but feel that basics like memory management are being swept under the rug.

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Can you compare memory here with memory on https:/meta.discourse.org (which is on htmlbars now) ?

Its the exact same codebase so should be a pretty good comparison

Well this is very unscientific but just refreshing the page and looking in the Chrome profiler it seems the non-HTMLBars is around 24MB and the meta (HTMLBars) is around 27MB, but that could be due to data differences (not really apples-to-apples)

May I suggest you try running your test cases for both versions in the Chrome Profiler (choose “Heap Timelines” option) and tell us the results?