Debugging Ember Cli

  1. Is it possible to effectively debug Ember-Cli?
  2. All javascripts are being compiled into vendor.js in the development environment, is it possible to turn this off?
  3. In the browser I get “ 404 (Not Found)”. Do I need to resolve this for debugging to work? How?

They are complied into one file, but the source codes are actually separated due to the use of sourceURL.

Each file is compiled into a single string, then eval with sourceURL appended at the end. So in your dev tool, you still see them as separate files.

Try CTRL+O or COMMAND+O in your chrome dev tool’s source tab.

  1. Yes. Use console.log() and debugger just like you otherwise would. Install the Ember Inspector for extra help.

  2. No.

  3. No.

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This is a great resource about debugging with ember:

I’m also looking for a way to debug since I found it’s quite painful to debug when I use ember cli. Specifically, I cannot set a breakpoint to the code that I write since they’re put into eval() by ember-cli. Even with Ember Inspector, I cannot set a breakpoint either.