Debugging code in Ember.js 2.3

Dear Members,

I am facing problem while debugging Ember 2.3 code as in crome web developer tool the code is coming minified.

In Ember 1.x the code used to appear in chrome web developer as written in source files.

Please tell us a way to get the code as written in source file while debugging in chrome or anyother browser. I mean any setting to do in Ember 2.3 environment.



Is there anyone with solution to this query.

Found solution after a lot of efforts

In order to stop minification of code spl .js for debugging change value in the following check in the file mentioned below:

format.compact = code.length > 100000; // 100KB


` if (format.compact === "auto")
      format.compact = code.length > 5000000000000000000000; // Any value here

      if (format.compact) {
        console.error("[BABEL] " + messages.get("codeGeneratorDeopt", opts.filename, "100KB"));