Source maps, Chrome Remote Debugging and VSCode

Hi all, I’m trying to make VSCode debugging work with Chrome Remote Debugging Protocol and ember-cli and there is something I don’t understand on how ember source maps work: if I have a route in “app/routes/myroute.js” ember-cli maps it to “assets/project-name/routes/myroute.js”. So if VSCode set a breakpoint for “app/routes/myroute.js” and tell that to Chrome I guess Chrome can’t find the file because the source maps are telling it otherwise. Should I find a way to change ember-cli’s default source maps? Or maybe find a way to remap things in VSCode? Thank you.

I am also dealing with this issue. It looks It looks like no matter what I set in launch.json, I can’t get the sources to map properly. Have you had any luck with this?