Source file maps for components have wrong line numbers

I don’t know if this happens because of ember-cli, babel or else, so I don’t know how to proceed to bring this issue under the spotlight.

I switched to v3.16 short time ago from ember v3.4 and started to use Chrome debugger with VSCode, thing that I didn’t do before. I noticed immediately that the source maps, sometimes, appear to have a line number offset and so breakpoints and watches doesn’t work properly.

After short investigation I found out that it seems to happen only for component js files and it is, probably, due to the fact that the compiler works out the handlebar template of a component and then prepend it to its related js file.


I guess a quick fix would be to append the hbs file to the related js instead of prepend it.

Looking forward to your suggestions about where to file this issue, if it is actually an issue and if it is still unknown. Thanks!