Getting valid source maps @2.16.2

Hello there and thanks in advance.

I am using ember-cli-deploy-lightning-pack for automating the deployment of new files and ember-cli-deploy-bugsnag to privately upload their correlated source maps.

It works perfectly with ember-cli@2.12.3. Bugsnag traces all errors to ES5 source maps when I have only this:

// ember-cli-build.js
sourcemaps: {
  enabled: true,
  extensions: ['js']

And it also works with ES6 source maps when I add this:

babel: {
  sourceMaps: 'inline'

But ember-cli@2.16.2 breaks both cases. Since version 2.13, the option babel.sourceMaps appears to be ignored, which would only produce ES5 source maps.

That is not even half the problem. Bugsnag can’t trace any error back to its origin with the source maps produced by ember-cli@2.16.2. It only points to line line of the final, concatenated and minified application file.

According to this issue, ember-cli@2.16 is making invalid source maps. They seem to be good enough for the browser, as I also tested on mine. But they do not pass the source map validator from Raygun.

This fact led me to believe that Bugsnag was unable to understand the provided source map from 2.16. But the same validator also rejects the source map from 2.12, which works perfectly on Bugsnag, either in ES5 or ES6.

I appreciate any comments on that, they might spark some idea on me.

Hello, I am suffering the same problem. Does somebody know if ember will generate valid sourcemaps in the future?

Thanks in advance and regards.