Disable public profiles on the forum

Hi, by default user profiles on Discourse are public. That means anyone can see rather private information such as when you were last online, how much time you’ve spent reading etc.

Here’s an honest example Profile - oskar - Ember.JS - but I’d much prefer this not to be public.

There is a setting to hide user profile for anonymous users in Discourse. Let’s enable it?

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This seems good and uncontroversial to me. I’m going to do it and if anybody disagrees I am happy to reopen the decision.

I went to make this change and saw that it was already set that way. Anonymous users can’t see profiles. Logged in users still can. Visiting your link in an incognito tab shows no content.

(Possibly another admin just beat me to the punch?)

I also asked in Slack a few days ago so someone probably took care of it. In any case, great!

@ef4 I checked in incognito as soon as this was posted and noticed the same. I assumed the question was of logged in users being able to see this info, and meant to bring this up in the next team meeting (mostly because I was confused)…

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