Do itemController names have to be all lowercase?

Sorry I don’t have a jsbin example but I’m hoping someone else with experience/knowledge can answer me. I spent an hour trying to figure out why my itemController wasn’t working. I kept getting an error about it not being found. I had it named something like fooBar and it wasn’t working. Once I changed it to foobar (all lowercase) it worked as expected.

I’m using ember 1.8.1, ember data 1.0.0-beta.14.1, using ember-cli.

My file was in app/controllers/fooBar.js and the class was FooBarController…but again that didn’t work.

If it’s true that itemController names need to be lowercase then I’ll go update the guides and make a PR.

Edit: Just realized that for ember 2.0 itemControllers are being deprecated in favor of components. Guess there wont be any need to update the guides.

Filenames in ember-cli need to be dasherized, where app/controllers/foo-bar.js would be FooBarController. So yeah, don’t use uppercase, but do use dashes.

Gah, thanks for the info. I just tried dashes in the filename and it worked.