Dropdown list for responsive design



I am about to make webpage that should work both on desktop and mobile. The problem I am facing is the way Ember deals with dropdown list - all the ember addons that I found provide dropdowns that are not mobile-friendly since they do not use HTML element, but some jQuery plugin instead… (which basically works, but it does not provide the desired mobile experience)

Is there a way to create dropdown in Ember so that it works also on mobile devices such that it renders as element? I guess one way to solve this is to use Ember Views, but I would really like to avoid that…

thanks a lot


emberx-select addon i believe uses a native html dropdown


<select> elements are now trivial to implement in Ember, see http://emberjs.com/deprecations/v1.x/#toc_ember-select

Making them responsive is a matter of CSS. Your favorite CSS framework must come with a baked-in solution.

I wouldn’t search the solution to a CSS problem in an Ember addon. Nonetheless, if you’re also after features, then @Grapho is correct, emberx-select is a good choice.


thanks @xcambar, the link you provided is much better approach